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Painting the Future

We can create a faux finish texture adding depth and color, and turn a drab, plain room into an exciting and fun room with strong visual appeal.

Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. The style and the décor you have in your home, says a lot about your personality. If you want to increase your property value, or make a statement about who you are; then faux finish or decorative painting is for you. This is a trend that is very popular in both the home and office place.

Garrett Co. can paint your whole house any way you prefer, by antiquing, color washing, dragging, ragging, sponging, and many more designs you can chose from. The results can give the illusion of texture on plain walls by using our faux painting designs. We can turn your plain walls, cupboards, furniture, and crown moldings pillars, into anything you can imagine with faux finishes. We can give the illusion of granite, linen, marble, stone, tile, suede, or even old world plaster color wash, by using a crackle finish or antique glazes.

Designs We Provide

If you’re looking for the faux painting experts look no further, Garrett Co. are the one and only experts around.

  • Antiquing
  • Cabinet Faux
  • Crackle Finish
  • Furniture Refacing
  • Glazing
  • Leather Look
  • Ragging

  • Stippling

  • Stripes

  • Wood Graining
  • Textured Finishes (with a five year warranty)

Why Paint?

Paint colors give you the opportunity to personalize your home & synchronize the different elements within your living space, while shielding your investment from wear and the elements.However, far too often proper surface prep is overlooked leading to disappointing results later on. Our experienced staff take all necessary precautions to ensure that all surfaces are truly ready for paint before jumping into applying finish coats, including powerwashing on exteriors, scraping, sanding, caulking and priming where needed. Only the highest quality products are used.

Painting is a Smart Maintenance Decision

Paint serves two functions, the first is protection. A good paint coating will keep sun and moisture away from the surface. The second purpose of paint is to beautify by giving the desired color and finish. It is our job to properly prepare the surface and apply the paint in order to provide both protection and beauty.

Surface Preparation is 90% of a Paint Job

We scrape off the loose paint, caulk them with a 35-year duration, you must also wash the exterior properly prior to painting, sand, prime and then paint. It is absolutely critical that the preliminary tasks are thoroughly performed. This ensures you of the longest lasting paint job possible. That’s why we call ourselves the “complete painting service.”

Exterior Painting

  • Pressure wash to provide a clean surface for the paint.
  • Scrape and sand to remove lose paint.

  • Fill voids and cracks in siding and trim, with the appropriate patching compound.
  • Caulk all cracks and corners on building.
  • Prime where necessary.
  • Apply top quality finish paint.

Interior Painting

  • Wash all areas that may cause adhesion problems.
  • Caulk and putty where ever necessary.
  • Perform minor drywall repairs.
  • Prime bare wood, drywall and stains.
  • Mask and protect floors, furniture and belongings.
  • Scrape and sand as necessary.
  • Apply top quality interior paint.

We also remove wallpaper, and texture walls and ceilings! We paint your house with the highest quality paints and coatings. We use only the highest quality brands of exterior paint, with proven effectiveness against sun, rain, mildew, chipping and peeling. We give attention to detail, giving you a quality, professional job that you deserve. We protect your valuable non- painted surfaces, your carpet, flooring and furniture.

Drywall Services

Hard work, ambition, safety, honesty and the desire to be a superior presence in a demanding business have won our reputation of quality and dependability. Our company was founded on the premise that quality principles and attention to detail should be unwavering standards. And it doesn’t stop with the construction of a project. Service afterwards has always been a part of our tradition and commitment to service.

Dependable Service

Garrett Co. provides high quality workmanship from the start. Beginning with the production phase and special attention to customer care. We work together with you as a team to complete the project and make the customer happy. Communication is an essential component – communication with home builder superintendents, trade superintendents, and home owners. We do whatever is necessary to eliminate any issues that may come up – before they come up.

Commitment to Excellence

Feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or fill out our online request form on our website at any time to discuss your drywall needs. If you have any questions, comments or would like to schedule us for a bid, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

To eliminate problems, Garrett Co. uses some of the following methods to achieve excellence:

  • Quality materials we have prepared at each phase of the project.
  • Quality processes learned over years in the business.
  • Quality control thru knowledgeable supervision.
  • Licensed Texas Builder.
  • EPA Lead Certified.
  • OSHA Construction Safety Certified.
  • Insurance coverage specific to construction business!

At Garrett Co. we have established special procedures in our stages of production:

  • Putty nail holes.
  • Sanding & Liquid prep.
  • Renail trim to stop cracking.
  • Masking off.
  • Caulking in areas needed.
  • Spray brush roll according to specification.
  • Sweeping, trash & nail pick up.
  • Pre-paint touch-up.
  • Free written estimates.

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